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Success Stories


For 8 weeks I have been lucky enough to train with Chris Elliot PT. When I walked into his gym for my first session I was 47 kilos, dehydrated, barely eating, max 1200 kilojoules a day, tired, training three times a day twice cardio but getting little results.

Chris has taught me so much I didn’t know about eating & exercise, what I should and shouldn’t be doing, how often I should train and what I should be eating, stretching, rest and smarter training. I’ve improved 100 percent on both.

I have more time to live & spend with my son. I feel incredible. I’m healthy, happy, more toned my muscles are defined, my energy levels are better, I’m eating properly and I’m at a healthy weight.

Without Chris I would still be run down and sick looking, my life revolving around exercise. I’m excited to see how far I can go with his support, he has brought out my confidence which I didn’t think was possible for me.

Best thing I did for myself this year was take on training with Chris.

Dani PT Success Story


I started doing bootcamp with Chris about 4 and half months ago, originally I started to lose weight for my wedding, which I did. I am continuing to attend bootcamp as it has now become a part of my life I love going every morning. Chris is an extremely good trainer pushing me further then I ever thought possible. I have seen a massive increase in my fitness level, and my overall health. I can’t be any happier.

Emma Before and After


Chris Elliott’s Personal Training is fantastic! It is obvious through his dedication to his clients that he loves to see you succeed. He has a great balance between motivation and professionalism. I have lost 9 centimetres around my stomach and 16 centimetres overall while training with Chris and I can’t recommend highly enough.

Carrie Testimonial PT Newcastle Review


Lost 15 centimetres all over during my 8 weeks fitness challenge.

Holly Newcastle Personal Trainer Testimoniall


I have been only training for 5 months but my fitness level has increased dramatically. Bootcamp is fantastic as you get the results straight away. I recommend this to anyone who wants to loose weight and to meet new people. Chris is an amazing personal trainer I couldn’t recommend him highly enough he pushes you to your limits and is very inspirational. Each class is different as you never do the same workout again.